PAC Executive

Chair – Lindsay Plumb
Vice Chair

Secretary  – Danielle Eeuwes

Emergency Preparedness – Vacant

Treasurer – Melanie Heidorn
Education Coordinators – Kerry-Lynn Weatherhead
Hot Lunch Coordinators – Nicole Barlow
Healthy Schools Committee –  Alissa La Faver

Fundraising Coordinators– Melanie Heidorn
Parent Partner Coordinator – Dayna Beuthin

VCPAC Rep – Position Vacant

Thank you to the executive members for volunteering their time for the PAC.  We look forward to another great year!

There are many ways parents/guardians can get involved with their child’s school.  Your participation is encouraged and welcomed.  Whether you attend all the PAC meetings throughout the year or only one, your voice, ideas and suggestions are all needed and wanted whenever you can be there.  The more voices heard the better our school will be!