COVID-19 Updates

September 21  New Health Check and Symptoms

September 21   Gargle Testing Letter to Parents

September 02 Exposure Control Plan – School Sites  Exposure Control Plan

Aug. 26, 2020 Letter to Parents and Guardians from the Office of the Superintendent

June 25  Northridge Staff Summer Greetings

June 25  June 25 Letter to Parents from the BCCPAC

June 25  June 25 Letter to Parents from the Office of the Superintendent (1)

June 08 SNAPSHOT Mental Health and Wellbeing – Summer Fun

June 05 – Superintendent Letter to Families

May 28     Parents Letter on Return week of June 1

May 28  The June Weekly Schedule  Weekly Schedule for Website

May 25  Northridge Welcomes You Back to School but with some Important Changes

May 25  SNAPSHOT Mental Health and Wellbeing  – Early Learning & Elementary Returning to School

May 20   SNAPSHOT Mental Health and Wellbeing

May 15   Letter to Parents/Guardians  Re: Optional K-12 In-Class Instruction     May 15 Office of the Superintendent

May 11   Early Learning and Elementary Tips for Home Learning 


May 08   Northridge Drive Through 2

May 04  Community Sharing – Social Emotional Wellness Snapshot

May 01  Northridge Drive Through Greeting

April 24 Message from the Superintendent Our Fourth Week Back

April 22 Covid-19 Series   

  • Weekly Snapshot Topics Include:
  •           Anxiety and Depression
  • ·         Building Resiliency
  • ·         Mental Health in Uncertain Times
  • ·         Navigating Fear and Worry
  • ·         Positive Family Communication
  • ·         Resolving Conflict

April 17 Info for Parents. Continuity of Learning. Remote Learning from Home

April 17 Letter to Parents & Guardians  Re: Learning from Home from the Office of the Superintendent

April 17  Play and Laughter as Wellness Tools

April 17  Message to Northridge Families from Miss Simmonds VP

April 17 Message from the Superintendent Our Third Week Back 

April 16  Free COVID-19 Psychological Support

April 09 Our Second Week Back from Spring Break – Message from the Superintendent

April 09 GVSD61 COVID19 FAQs

April 09 Principles of Remote Learning

April 09 Guidelines for Continuity of Remote Learning April 2020

April 6  COVID-19 Series Elementary Navigating Worry and Fear

April 6  Video message from the Principal & Vice Principal:

April 6 Mental Health Supports

April 3 Letter to Parents

April 3 Joint Statement GVSD

COVID-19 Snapshot Overview and Community Resources

March 26 On the Horizon-The Future of Learning for Our Students

March 18 Letter to Parents

March 17 Letter from Ministry