School Supply Lists

Below are the school supply lists for the 2020-2021 school year.

Kindergarten: You do not need to purchase any school supplies.  Supplies for Kindergarten will be provided in class for a nominal fee which will cover all necessary supplies and field trips.  A notification will be sent home in the first full school week in September with the cost.

Grade 1  School Supplies List 2020-21     Grade 1 School Supplies

Grade 2  School Supplies List 2020-21      Grade 2 School Supplies

Grade 3   School Supplies List 2020-21     Grade 3 School Supplies

Grade 4   School Supplies List 2020-21     Grade 4 School Supplies

Grade 5   School Supplies List 2020-21     Grade 5 School Supplies



PAC School Supplies Fundraiser Monks Order Forms Grades 1 to 5  

Monk hardcopy orders are due on June 19th (drop off at the office) and online orders due on July 19th.