About Us

At Northridge Elementary we have the best of many worlds.  We are a small, neighbourhood school with ready access to Panama Flats, Copley and Layritz Parks and the Saanich trail network.  Our students represent a diverse multicultural heritage and bring many rich experiences to our school.

At Northridge we value cooperation and provide many opportunities for our children and families to experience helping each other, their community and society as a whole.  Students learn from Kindergarten to recycle, reduce and reuse – we have been an award-winning Destination Conservation school for many years.

At Northridge we know that taking care of our health will help us become the best learners we can be.  Our students have many opportunities to experience physical fitness.  Beginning in September with our annual Terry Fox Run and throughout the year with opportunities to join cross country, soccer, basketball, swimming, skating, skipping, tennis and many more activities.  Northridge children learn not only the value of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but the importance of participating fully in school life.

At Northridge we know that music and the arts are vital components of learning and strive to provide rich and diverse experiences.  All children benefit from music instruction in the classroom and children in grades 3 to 5 have further opportunity to join the school choir.  In their grade 5 year, children are invited to learn a stringed instrument through our Strings Program.

At Northridge we understand that enriching learning through a variety of opportunities and by helping each child reach his or her personal best, we really will be the best that we can be.